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Sarah Burris
Perfect - thankfully. I moved up town a few years ago about the time the nail salon further south opened. Since it is closer I went there. They got progressively worse and worse. I kept trying and trying to explain to them what I wanted but they never understood me. They don't speak to you - as if they're scared to. So I went to this place further north and they did a great job. I could get a french gel manicure without it looking terrible. They don't over file my nails. All in all brilliant. They're my new nail salon.
Deanne M Ottaviano
I love this team. They do a great job with manicures and pedicures, they're quick, you never wait long, and they're all very hard-working.
Tris Le
Pretty work environment :) I love my shop come and experience with us !!!
Sandy Y.
Washington, DC
My favorite nail salon in the stretch of Connecticut Avenue going from Van Ness to Chevy Chase. The prices are comparable, or a bit lower, than the others, but what brings me to Nail Spa, over closer salons, is the friendly service. The young man at the front desk is almost always there, so you don't ever have to wait to get someone's attention and he's always cheerful and efficient. Waxing and pedicure services are fine as well.
Shannon D.
Mount Pleasant, SC
Although not very talkative my nail specialist did an awesome job with my gel manicure. I prefer to relax most times anyway so I enjoyed the quiet time. In and out in under 30 minutes and paid with cash for a small discount.

Staff was friendly and salon was tidy and clean. Was pretty busy considering a Monday afternoon.

Would return!
Zoe S.
Washington, DC
Very fast, good quality, quiet environment and they honor appointments. I think this is the best salon in the area.
Nori Z.
Washington, DC
I imagine that the dreary exterior of the salon doesn't really inspire confidence in most people. I know some locals who don't even know there is a nail salon here, they're so conditioned to breezing right by. I'd never stopped in, even after living here for 7 years, but I recently discovered the wonders of gel manicures and was feeling a little low, so I went in to get my nails pampered.

I always get gel manicures with French tips, just because that's what I like. I also never get squared nails, and always start with my nails relatively short, since I personally find long nails cumbersome.

The interior is pretty cramped. You sort of have to turn sideways and creep to get around in there. The decor is essentially nonexistant, and it looks pretty dingy and uninspiring in there, but I don't judge a place by its colors.

My manicurist was named Ann. She didn't attempt at all to make conversation with me, even when I tried asking her questions, so I just went through the process in silence, watching the news in the background. She took a long time shaping up my nails, which I loved, since I've had sloppy shapings before and did not want that again. Once she was assured that my nails were all nicely rounded, she put some gel stuff on my hands and stuck them in warming mits. I know some people don't like that, but it was freezing on this particular day so I quite enjoyed it. The painting was relatively straight forwards, but Ann did take a good amount of time making sure the tips look nice. I'm an obnoxious perfectionist, so I did notice some of them weren't 100% even, but to be honest they're the best I've ever got out of a manicure. Goes to show what taking time will do.

At the end she rubbed some lotion into my hands and arms and sent me on my way. The gel manicure with French tips was $45, so it's about par for the course with a gel manicure. I never get pedicures so I couldn't comment on that.

All and all, a pretty good experience. Though I will admit that all the other girls without clients were a bit annoying. They sat around on their phones, or eating, or watching TV shows on their tablets, and nobody was watching the same show. The discordant noise was sort of jarring.
Natalie L.
Austin, TX
Tris was fabulous! I haven't had such a skilled and enjoyable gel manicure in a very very long time. They take their time, do beautiful shaping, a nice thin gel coat (no the thick kind you see at other cheapy nail spas) and a tremendous color selection. It was also cheaper than most with a much finer product at the end.

Fast, professional, wonderful. Go now!
"Making you feel better again."